Is Your Blog Boring?

Is Your Blog Boring? Hey! A Blog Article Is Like A Pitch

Have you ever started reading a blog post and found yourself bored to death within the first five seconds? We’ve all experienced this. Nobody wants to read boring blog posts. To keep our readers’ attention, we need to engage them right from the start and draw them deeper into our content. We need to grab them right away and lead them by the hand into our mind and into our story.

1. Be A Storyteller, Not Just A Writer – Power Of Empathy

Professional journalists are trained to remove themselves from their content, to be unbiased and almost robotic. But I am not a robot; I am a blogger. When you read my posts, you hear my voice. You get a glimpse into my life and into my head. I’m a storyteller, and the story I share is my own. Because of this, I am able to create a connection with my audience that most other types of writers will never experience, and that is something awesome – not just for me, but for my readers too.

2. Write In The First Person Or As “We”

When you allow yourself to address your reader directly as yourself, from your own life and experiences, that empathy and emotional connection deepens. Just by reading this far into this post, can’t you already feel the difference between my blog and your daily newspaper? It’s like you and I are sitting in a café, sipping coffee and just having a conversation as friends. I share my thoughts with you, just as if we are sitting next to each other as friends.

When you address your blog audience this way – writing in the first person and using “I” and “we” – that connection is made instantly. The people who read our blogs want to know us, and writing in the first person is the fastest way to let them into our world.

3. Clarity! Be Clear (Don’t Try To Be Too Interesting)

While it’s tempting to jazz up your blog content with fancy words and flowery language, you should probably just not go there. When we blog, we shouldn’t be trying to impress anyone. Let’s just get right to the point and say what we mean without dancing around the topic. Our readers appreciate that directness and clarity.

4. Stay Crisply – Don’t Be Too Long And Don’t Be Too Short

The flip side of that last point – using simple, clear language – is that we want to communicate effectively without being too long-winded or too abrupt. We should try to use as many words as needed to effectively communicate our ideas to our audience without dragging it out.

Some bloggers just don’t know when to stop, while others leave you hanging there waiting for the punchline. Don’t do this! Sometimes it helps to let your blog post sit for a day and “breathe” before publishing it, so that you can reread it the next day with fresh eyes. When coming back to it the next day, try to approach it as one of your readers. Try to see it for the first time. Reading your post aloud may also help you to spot portions that are too short or too long.

5. Write Short Sentences

In our Internet age of short attention spans, there just isn’t much room for long sentences and paragraphs. Nobody has time for that. If we take too long to get to the point, we may lose our readers’ attention, and before you know it they are clicking the back button. So keep your sentences and paragraphs short.

6. Blog Title: Appeal To Either Utility Or Curiosity

Our blog titles must grab readers instantly. If we fail at this, they won’t even click on our emails to read our content. So that title is all-important. To compel our readers to click and read, we want to provide something that they want or need. People need solutions to their problems, and they also want to be entertained. If our content does not solve problems or entertain, our blogs are going nowhere.

Bonus: 7. Use Quotes

This last tip is gold. A great way to liven up our blog posts is with amusing or inspiring quotes from famous people. Placing a quote in large print at the start of the post is very effective at drawing in our readers.

A blog article is like a pitch! By keeping these 7 tips in mind your blog articles won’t be boring anymore.

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