Successful Content Marketing That Fits

Successful Content Marketing That Fits – 10 Pretty Simple Secrets

Creating great content that gets your audience’s attention, keeps it and encourages them to do what you want them to do isn’t that difficult, if you understand the basics. You don’t have to be a world-class novelist to be good at content marketing, but you do have to understand your audience if you want them to buy what you’re selling. With this in mind, here are ten tips you can use to generate great content quickly and easily.

1. Know your audience

Who is your ideal reader/client/customer? What does this person look like, think about, care about and worry about? How can your information make their day easier, better or brighter? Building personas, such as “Joan” or “Bob,” and fleshing them out is a great way to do this. If you need to, use a role-playing game character sheet or something similar as a template to get a picture of your ideal reader.

2. Thou shalt not murder the English language

Your work must above all be original. This doesn’t give you a pass to be lazy on the usages of good English! Spelling, capitalization, punctuation and grammar are all very important. Do you want your readers to see a company that looks like they know how to communicate effectively, or a company that couldn’t care less about anything but getting them to open their wallets?

3. Plan to scan

Most readers are busy people and aren’t going to take the time to parse every single word you write. They’re looking for the quick, actionable takeaway. Breaking up your text into short paragraphs with plenty of whitespace, bullet points, numbered lists and images makes your content more user-friendly and less scary than giant blocks of text.

4. Take a picture

We talked earlier about images, but this really bears repeating. The more high-quality images you can find and include that are relevant to your content, the better your content will do at getting and keeping your readers’ attention.

5. Make your headline an attention-grabber says 80% of people will see your headline, but only about 20% will read all the content. If you want more people to read your article, the headline has to get attention first. Using numbers, advancing a question, fomenting controversy and picking keywords that are designed to grab the interest of your ideal reader quickly are all ways to make this happen, and the more you can mix in, the better!

6. Give them something they can use

If your audience can go straight from your article to applying what you talked about, this gives them value. Value lends credibility, and credibility means they, and others, are more likely to read your articles in the future.

7. Give them something special

Too many bloggers rely on “word-vomiting” the same stuff you can find twenty other places without even trying. Focus on getting a special interview, a Q&A with an expert, or other special features no one else can offer. This helps boost authority too.

8. Mix up your content

Not everyone learns effectively from text. Some do better with pictures, flowcharts etc. Because of this, it’s a good idea to try incorporating infographics, related videos or even a video blog, pictures and memes. This keeps your content fresh and interesting, and keeps your readers wondering what you’re going to do next.

9. Make your article stand out

Build your SEO and search engine visibility for prospective readers by giving your article good long-tail keywords and a solid meta description. This will help your article perform better in search engines, driving more people to your content!

10. Make them move

Your article should always include a clear call to action, which tells readers what they should do next. Whether you want them to call you for a consultation or purchase a product, your readers won’t know what you need from them unless you ask for it!

By following these simple steps, you can take your content marketing to a new level. More reader engagement, higher conversion rates and revenues await. Try these tips for yourself and see how much better your content performs when it goes in front of your readers and potential clients!

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