7 Ways To Write Crappy Cold Sales Emails

7 Ways To Write Crappy Cold Sales Emails

As today’s companies strive to accomplish even more in even less time, this often turns email campaigns and cold calls into rush jobs. And when everyone is in a rush to get to the next item on their to-do list, it becomes all-too-easy to get sloppy.

Avoid these 7 common email fails to ensure your campaign is a success!

1. You open with a fantastic subject line … and deliver nothing behind it.

Whole books have been written about the power of a well-crafted subject line. So you want to make sure yours is a slam-dunk winner. But then you must follow it up with equally crazy-incredible body content to keep your reader’s attention.

What to do instead >> Kill it with the subject line, and then kill it again with must-read content your prospect can’t put down!

2. You address your email to the wrong person.

If you are trying to establish a relationship in hopes of making a future sale, you definitely want to make a positive first impression. You can start by getting the name of the decision maker right, and addressing your first email to that person.

What to do instead >> Call first or visit the company website to verify gender and spelling. Be sure to use the correct honorific (Mr., Ms.) for senior decision makers.

3. You write with overly long sentences.

Do you enjoy reading emails full of long, rambling sentences that say nothing? Very few people do – and certainly busy decision-makers who could one day be your customers don’t have time for this activity.

What to do instead >> Keep your sentences short and sweet. Use small words (3 syllables, max). Re-read your email out loud to yourself before you send it. Are you riveted? If not, go back and revise it until you are.

4. You write about you, you, YOU.

Have you ever hard that people enjoy conversations the most when they do all the talking? If you’ve ever been the one doing all the listening, you probably didn’t enjoy yourself at all…and your recipients won’t either.

What to do instead >> Talk about THEM, them, them. Solve their problems. Answer their questions. Deliver their needs.

5. You offer no perks or benefits.

If anyone takes the time to open one of your emails, they are probably hoping to receive something from the experience.

What to do instead >> Give it to them!

6. You copy and paste the body copy from one email to the next.

Today it is easy to tell when someone is just copying and pasting a template email and changing the recipient name. Not only do email programs often change the text color for the copied text (a dead giveaway!) but these emails are typically written so generically they give themselves away.

What to do instead >> Personalize everything. Have an idea of what you want to write, but do not ever send out the same exact email twice.

7. Your email is full of typos and errors.

If you are trying to pick up a new customer, what will their assumption be about your customer service and product/service quality if your initial email arrives full of typos and errors?

What to do instead >> Write like you deliver unparalleled quality and service!

By keeping these 7 tips in mind, you can ensure your email communications speak highly of you, your products and services and your company to any prospect you decide to contact.

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